Crush Breast Cancer!

8 Apr

A list of some of the Breast Cancer walks for 2015.

Pink is in the air!

Let’s work together to crush breast cancer by participating in a walk for a cure.

Join with some friends to walk to eliminate breast cancer in our lifetime.

Personalize some Team Pink tattoos, magnets, tshirts and have some ‘pink’ fun.

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Personalize these pink ribbon temporary tattoos for your next Team Pink walk!

Rock the Green!

17 Feb

Lucky Shamrock Temporary Tattoos

Raise a glass or two this St. Patrick’s Day!

Rock the green with shamrock, lucky and leprachaun kiss temporary tattoos to

wear & share with friends!

Tats available at Mix It & Stix It and a limited selection on Amazon too!

Love ya!

14 Feb

Personalize this flowing tattoo to any name or word your heart desires!

Today is the day to proclaim your love!

Toss the traditional roses aside and ink on your ‘beloved’ wherever you choose!

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Sharknado fans: Get your Halloween costumes ready

30 Jul

Great White Shark

Shark fans: Get your easy, quick and bloody costumes ready for Halloween. But first, you can bone up on your shark facts:

10 Shark Facts You Should Know:

1. Nudists were right all along. Did you know that contrasting colors or uneven tan lines can attract a shark? So make sure you tan au naturale.

2. Sharks need love too. In aquarium settings, sharks have been trained to recognize sounds and touch.

3. Ouch! Helcoprion, a prehistoric shark, sliced its prey with its eviscerating, 360-degree spiral of menacing teeth.

4. How do you catch a shark? Professionals coax it into a large plastic tube known as a “shark-sock”.  Are you kidding?!! Don’t try this at home.

5. Who are the bullies on the block? The Tiger, Great White and Bull sharks are the sharks that attack the most humans. They seem to prefer these tender, human-sized appetizers.

6. He’s not smiling. The Great White shark grows up to 20,000 sharp and pointy teeth in his lifetime. He never runs out of teeth either. If one is lost, another spins forward from rows and rows of backup teeth.

7. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Normally sharks dine alone. If, the Great White is ever part of a group feeding, they take turns eating….from the largest to the smallest.

8. They were here first. Sharks predate dinosaurs by 200 million years. The largest, prehistoric shark might have grown up to 67 feet in length.

9. Hmmmm. Since baby sharks are born with a full set of teeth, they are able to feed and live on their own soon after birth.

10. Filet o’ fish? Sharks don’t have a single bone in their body. Their skeletons are made entirely of cartilage—-for flexibility and cruising long distances.

Now you can watch Sharknado and Sharknado2: The Sharkening The Second One in the comfort of your own home with all of the glamour of a hokey 50s 4D theater!Get the Syfy Sync app for your iPhone/iPad.

NotTooSweetTattoos Shark Bite life-size makeup temporary tattoos. This bloody shark bite temporary tattoos are available at, and Target. Get ready for Halloween with a quick and easy Sharknado costume: One bloody shark bite temporary tattoo, one ripped beach towel, swimsuit or shorts and tee, and a couple of ounces of fake blood to drench the towel with.

NotTooSweetTats Shark Attack! temporary tattoo


Big Dragon goes bizark in US

18 May

Japanese Godzilla Arm Temporary Tattoo

The big dragon, “Godzilla”, is back and he is roaring mad (at least in the movie theaters across the country).

Escape to a safe theater to catch an amazing glimpse of the reason why Godzilla is still trashing cities throughout the world.

In honor of this famously destructive big lizard,  we are offering Japanese character tattoos for movie-goers or just Godzilla fans in two sizes.

Wrist and arm tattoos available at

Japanese Godzilla Wrist Tattoo

Show some L-O-V-E for Mom

8 Apr

Love ya, Mom!

Heart Mom on Mother’s Day with a fun selfie

or wear a heart for Mom on a Pink Walk.

Here’s a list of Breast Cancer Walks/Runs on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11.

Twin Cities Race for the Cure in Minnesota

Race for the Cure in Philadelphia

Mother’s Day Race for the Cure in Chicago

Beverly Breast Cancer Walk in Chicago

Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Canal Walk

I Love Mom Customizable Heart temporary tattoos are sold at,, and

Heart temporary tattoos available in three sizes and can be personalized.

Heart temporary tattoos available in three sizes and can be personalized.

Leprechaun sightings are common on St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

19 Feb
Wear & share some leprechaun kiss temporary tattoos this St. Patrick's Day

Wear & share some leprechaun kiss temporary tattoos this St. Patrick’s Day


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition in the Chicago area.  For the past 43 years the Chicago River turns green for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebration. If you were watching this for the first time you would think this is a mistake or a bad joke. After a moment or two you then see the true color magically appear: the color green is identical to the greens of Ireland from where it got its name “The Emerald Isle.”

Another wonderful tradition we have in Chicago is our amazing plethora of Irish pubs. If you are in Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day, join in the fun and head to a local Irish bar to enjoy a Guinness, sing a rendition or two of  “O Danny Boy” and maybe see a leprechaun or two.  After all, in Chicago, we believe everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! See the list below for some of our favorite “green” bars:

Leprechaun kiss temporary tattoos are available at or Amazon.

The Abbey*
3420 W. Grace

John Barleycorn
658 W. Belden

Blarney Stone
3424 N. Sheffield Ave.

Bridget McNeill’s*
420 W. Belmont Ave.

Celtic Crossings*
751 N. Clark St.

Celtic Knot*
626 Church St., Evanston

Chief O’Neill’s*
3471 N. Elston

2345 W. Belmont Ave.

3741 N. Southport Ave.

D4 Irish Pub & Cafe*
345 E. Ohio St. – Chicago

Emerald Loop Bar & Grill *
216 N Wabash Ave

100 W. Grand

The Full Shilling Public House*
3724 N. Clark St.

Finley Dunne’s Tavern*
3458 N. Lincoln Ave. – Chicago

Galway Bay
500 W. Diversey Av

Galway Arms
2442 N. Clark St.

Garrett Rippley’s*
712 N. Clark

Ginger’s Ale House
3801 N. Ashland Ave.

2158 N. Halsted Ave.

Gunther Murphy’s Public House
1638 W. Belmont Ave.

2274 N. Lincoln Ave.

2816 N. Halsted St.

Harp & Shamrock
1641 W. Fullerton Ave.

Hidden Shamrock
2723 N. Halsted St.

Irish Eyes
2519 N. Lincoln Ave.

The Irish Oak
3511 N. Clark St

J. Patrick’s Irish Bar & Grill*
1367 W. Erie St.

Johnny O’Hagans
3374 N. Clark St.

949 W. Webster Ave.

Kitty O’Sheas*
720 South Michigan Ave

950 W. Webster

Mullen’s on Clark
3527 N. Clark St.

Mulligan’s Public House
2000 W. Roscoe St.

Mystic Celt
3443 N. Southport Ave.

Paddy Long’s*
1028 W. Diversey Pkwy.

Peg Leg Sullivan’s
2721 N. Halsted St.

Pepper Canister*
509 N. Well

Poag Mahone’s*
175 W. Jackson Blvd.
(entrance at 333 S. Wells St.)

River Shannon
425 W. Armitage Ave.

Six Penny Bit*
5800 W. Montrose Ave.

The Trinity Bar*
2721 N. Halsted St.

Tommy Nevins Pub*
1450 Sherman Ave., Evanston

Town Hall Pub
3740 N. Halsted Ave

Vaughan’s Pub
2917 N. Sheffield Ave.


Wilde Bar & Restaurant*
3130 N. Broadway


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